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You don’t have to clear your entire schedule for a short romantic retreat or a solo getaway. With Flow, you can book a hotel room for just a few hours.

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Want to wind down in some fancy sheets after a long day at work? Need a place to sleep after a red-eye flight? In the past we might have to pay for an overnight stay even though we’re staying for less than half a day. But not anymore. From central city boutique hideouts to luxurious five-star retreats, any hotel you see on Flow you can book a room by the hour and pay by the hour online. Flow partners with reputable hotels to offer you flexible check-in and check-out times. Be it an early meeting, midday nap or late night adventure, we’ve got a room just for that and a string of different occasions.

Hourly hotels besides Hotel 81

In the past, Hotel 81 was basically an hourly rate hotel in Singapore. What some might not realize is that more major chains and upscale hotel brands are offering hourly rates and day-use rooms to accommodate our dynamic and spontaneous lifestyle. Fairmont Singapore, Park Hotel Farrer Park, Sofitel Singapore City Centre, and Grand Park City Hall are some of the luxury hotels that currently promote timeslot / day-use packages on the Flow app.
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