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Remote working isn’t easy when you’re living in a noisy household. If you’re having an important call, or trying to meet a tight deadline, you might want to find a hotel room for day use for peace and quiet. With Flow, you can find day rooms at most popular hotels available from 9-to-6, without having to pay for the full night’s rate. Transform your work from home routine into a refreshing working vacation. Enjoy full access to the hotel’s facilities during your stay. A nap in clean crisp sheets, a quick run at the gym, or sunbathing by the pool - a day room is perfect for you to rest up and regain your strength midweek.

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A day room can be useful on many occasions apart from work:     —  A midday rest during a family day trip (especially with small kids who need their naps)     —  Prepping up and winding down pre and post-marathon     —  A romantic getaway with your significant others Don’t pay for the whole night if you’re only staying for the day. Get yourself a day-use room at most luxury and boutique hotels in Singapore at discounted day rates on Flow and save up to 75% off the nightly prices. Hotel NuVe Elements, ibis budget Singapore, and Travelodge Harbourfront among other major chains all offer budget hotel day-use packages on our App.

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