Best 8 Dating Apps in Singapore to Find Love & Hookups [2024]

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Best 8 Dating Apps in Singapore to Find Love & Hookups [2024]

With so many dating apps out there, have you ever wondered which ones are worth trying, which have a low match rate, and which are rife with scammers? Here, we have compiled a list of popular free dating apps in Singapore and genuine reviews. Sure, these apps may be all the rage, but do they really deliver compatible matches? Let’s dig deeper and explore some exciting ways to meet new people in Singapore!

Tinder – World’s Most Popular Dating App

Tinder 交友 App

Tinder, the dating app that started it all, has become very popular not just around the world, but right here in Singapore too! With over 5.5 billion matches and a growing user base, it has become the preferred platform for singles globally. Users can score up to 100 free matches every day, making it super convenient for those seeking casual flings. But if you’re after a real-deal, long-term relationship, you might feel a bit limited by the amount of info you can share on your profile. Plus, remember that premium plans are pricier for Singaporeans aged 30+. Nevertheless, the free version of Tinder remains highly regarded and is widely used among Singaporeans for casual meetups.

Someone’s review on Trustpilot:

“It’s already hard enough to get a decent match. Full of fake women. But the latest feature is the most ridiculous thing ever: You have 2 days to send/reply your matches, after that your matches EXPIRES!!! Even after paying the most expensive subscription…”

Hinge – TikTok Viral Dating App

Hinge 交友App
Photo: Bloomberg

Hinge, the trending dating app that’s gone viral on TikTok, is perfect for Singaporeans who are searching for meaningful relationships. It prides itself on being “the dating app designed to be deleted,” which means it’s all about fostering genuine connections. Unlike other apps that prioritize casual flings, Hinge strongly emphasises long-term commitment. Users undergo a comprehensive screening process during registration to ensure they’re genuinely looking for lasting relationships. Additionally, Hinge requires a minimum of six uploaded photos and limits users to ten likes per day, encouraging quality over quantity. Hinge is definitely worth a shot if you’re serious about finding a meaningful connection in Singapore.

Someone’s review on Trustpilot:

“Better than most other similar apps. I like that you don’t have to do the whole swiping nonsense before being able to speak to someone. It gives aesthetically challenged people such as me a bit more of a chance!”

OkCupid – OG of Online Dating


OKCupid, the original gangster of dating sites, is super popular in Singapore and has a solid following among locals. It’s famous for its mix of people from all walks of life, making it the go-to app for those looking for connections within their own ethnic groups. When you sign up, you can find matches based on shared interests and compatibility by confirming your phone number and answering detailed questions. With its detailed user profiles and top-notch photos, OKCupid is the ultimate dating app for Singaporeans who want to explore a wide range of connections and find meaningful relationships.

Someone’s review on Trustpilot:

“This website is a hit and miss. I encountered some genuinely nice guys here and went on a few dates, but unfortunately, those connections didn’t progress into anything more. On the other hand, there are numerous individuals on this platform who are solely interested in casual hookups or wasting their time sending explicit photos to women.

Coffee Meets Bagel – Women-Centric Dating App

coffee meets bagel 交友app

Coffee Meets Bagel (CMB) is a hit in Singapore because it focuses on finding top-notch matches and has some cool features. It’s designed with women in mind, giving them more power and reducing those unwanted messages. That’s why it has a bigger female user base compared to other dating apps. CMB also has special goodies, like the “Lunchtime” feature, where you get extra match suggestions daily. The app carefully curates a daily selection of potential matches, perfect for folks in search of serious relationships. It encourages meaningful conversations and leads to a higher success rate in finding a match. Whether you’re into romance, casual flings, or finding a compatible partner, CMB is the way to go in Singapore.

Someone’s review on Trustpilot:

“I just started using Coffee Meets Bagel a few weeks ago, and I’ve met such high-quality men who are serious and genuinely seeking a long-term relationship. It’s so exciting to encounter such nice individuals. I’ve tried other apps, but they didn’t have the same caliber of people. I am really pleased with my experience so far! We’ll see what happens! 🙂

Paktor – Singpore-Born Dating App


Born and bred in Singapore back in 2013, Paktor brings something special to the table with features catered specifically to Asian users. It’s all about connecting with people who share your cultural background, traditions, and interests. One cool feature is “Shake to Chat,” where you can instantly match with nearby users by shaking your phone at the same time. Paktor goes beyond the virtual world, too, by integrating offline social networking through events, bringing your online connections into real-life settings. Plus, they have this “Paktor Points” system that rewards you for being engaged and offers in-app perks. However, it’s not all smooth sailing. Some users have reported limitations with the free functions, and the paid features can sometimes be buggy.

Someone’s review on Google Play:

“Everything is hidden behind a paywall. The app is crippled unless you pay money, and it’s laden with dark patterns that prey on your emotions to compel you to make payments. You receive random chat requests, but chatting requires payment.”

Badoo – Unfiltered Dating App

Badoo – Unfiltered Dating App

Badoo is all about embracing your true self and having open conversations, offering a refreshing take on modern dating. It stands out from other platforms by allowing users to freely express their thoughts without worrying about shadow bans, which encourages genuine interactions. With a growing user base, this chat-focused app is perfect for those with unique perspectives. However, there’s a catch. Some users have reported arbitrary limitations on swiping. Badoo’s customer representatives explained on Quora that the cap is influenced by various factors. Some users have even mentioned being limited to as few as 3-4 swipes per hour before being prompted to upgrade to premium.

Someone’s review on App Store:

“There is so many paywalls to talk to someone. Meanwhile they allow fake profiles so you don’t feel like there’s not enough people on the app.”

Tan Tan – Biggest Chinese Dating App

Tan Tan – Biggest Chinese Dating App

Established in 2014 as a Chinese dating app, Tan Tan 探探 quickly rose to fame and became the largest Asian singles community worldwide. It gained immense popularity in Singapore, particularly within the Chinese community. On Tan Tan, users openly share their online dating experiences, both positive and negative, in a discreet manner. It’s important to note that the majority of Tan Tan users in Singapore are Chinese-speaking and may hold traditional Chinese values. Considering their perspective can greatly increase your chances of finding a compatible match.

Someone’s review on Google Play:

“It’s quite good, although there are many inactive users and numerous fake profiles. However, I’ve managed to get genuine matches and even went on a date.”

Omi – Singapore-Born Personality Dating App

Omi – Singapore-Born Personality Dating App

Launched in 2018, the homegrown Omi App has quickly gained popularity among teenagers and young adults in Singapore who are seeking romantic relationships, casual hangouts, or friendships. The app strongly emphasises safety, employing photo verification and AI facial recognition technologies. Omi utilizes advanced big data algorithms to help users find their best match. It incorporates elements like personality tests, including MBTI, and interactive mini-quizzes where users need to answer three questions to initiate conversations. This ensures compatibility while adding a touch of fun to the experience. However, it’s worth noting that some users have expressed that Omi is primarily a “pay-to-play” app, with limited matches available for free users.

Someone’s review on Google Play:

“Unlimited swipes are available, but to be matched with others, you have to pay a monthly fee. It’s kind of different from other dating apps where you have limited swipes but can still chat when matched. It does have a nice zodiac compatibility feature.”

Bumble – Women-Led Dating App

Bumble – Women-Led Dating App
Photo: Bumble Official Website

Guys, if you’re tired of the pressure of coming up with the perfect conversation starter, Bumble might just be the app for you. It’s a dating app led by women, empowering them to take charge and make the first move. In a society where traditional norms often prevail, Bumble stands out by providing a platform where Singaporean women can confidently initiate conversations and build connections. When you match with someone, women have a limited time window to start the conversation; otherwise, the match disappears. Bumble also uses location access to show you nearby matches, making it easier to meet up in person. Give Bumble a shot if you’re looking for a dating app encouraging women to control their online interactions.

Someone’s review on Google Play:

“Sometimes the location doesn’t seem to work correctly, but overall I have had positive experiences. I’ve met some of my best friends through bumble!”

More Ways to Meet People in Singapore

More Ways to Meet People in Malaysia

1) Telegram & Facebook Groups

Finding people with similar interests in hobby groups is quite easy. These groups often organize regular meet-ups, like book clubs or coffee sessions, so you can meet new people who share your interests. Even if you don’t have a hobby right now, don’t worry; it’s never too late to start one! For example, reading is a good and affordable choice (check out BookTok!).

2) Facebook Dating

Facebook also offers its own online dating service, Facebook Dating. It allows you to create a dating profile within the Facebook App. While not as popular as apps like Bumble or Tinder, it has been rolled out in selected markets, including Singapore. It’s worth a try to explore potential dating opportunities.

Online Dating Safety Tips

Online Dating Safety Tips

1) Reverse Image Search

A simple reverse Google image search on your matches’ profile pictures can be incredibly helpful. Often, you can determine if they are using stolen photos of overseas celebrities and models, which is a common catfishing practice.

2) Use a Secure Messaging App

Usually, it’s not recommended to shift your chats off the dating app before meeting in person to avoid potential scams. However, we understand that some dating apps have limitations on free chat features. If you choose to continue your conversations outside the app, it’s advisable to use a secure messaging app like Telegram, which doesn’t disclose your phone number. This ensures an added layer of privacy and security for your communications.

3) Avoid Going to a Second Location

Let us be crystal clear: when going on a first date, it is crucial to meet your matches in public places. Never agree to go to a different location unless you are completely certain and comfortable. Women face the risk of assault, and men also need to be aware of potential dangers. Be cautious of individuals, especially those who call themselves ‘entrepreneurs,’ who may try to lure you into seminars. At best, it could be a waste of your time, but at worst, you might unknowingly get involved in a multi-level marketing scheme. Always prioritize your safety and remain vigilant.

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