Top Daycation Hotels 2021|Best Deals in Singapore & Day Use Recommendations

Still finding a breathing place? Why not plump for a daycation.



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Missing vacation? Still remember how it felt when you got up from the soft cozy bed, busy fishing from your duffle bag for vouchers for a buffet brunch, getting ready to spend a lazy afternoon in the hotel swimming pool?

The COVID-19 pandemic has deprived everybody of the chance to travel. To cure their cabin fever, some Singaporeans didn’t hesitate to spend up to S$600 on just one meal in the suite on the stationary Airbus SE A380.

Staycation during the day comes into play by being the perfect antidote to the obsession with traveling overseas. Pack a suitcase. Book an overnight hotel room in this very city. Check in. Yay! You're getting excited thinking about how you're going to spend the day –

Wait, I've got to pay S$300, the standard rate for an overnight stay, for only staying during daytime? No way!

What if there’s a way that you can spend a nice day in a luxury hotel without bearing the cost of an overnight stay? Daycation is the way.

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What Is Daycation?

Imagine, you’re still getting up from your king-sized bed, busy finding vouchers for food, and getting ready to use all the amenities that the luxury hotel offers. The only difference is that you can pack your things at the end of the same day and return home to your own bed after a several hours stay.

Daycation won't keep you until the next morning. You can book a luxury hotel room on an hourly basis – it’s no longer the privilege of motels. With Flow, timeslots ranging from 2 to 12 hours are available for booking, depending on your mood or schedule. You also get to save up to 75% of the full-day prices.

friends taking photo near a bridge
Wow! So excited!

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Why Daycation?

1| For Freelancers

Some jobs like entrepreneurs and content creators don’t have a fixed place of work. Restaurants, parks, or even trains could easily be their office. However, they can be too much for people who can only focus in a quiet environment.

The good thing about hotel daycations is that not only do they provide you with a quiet and comfy space to get work done during the day, but their ideal environment can also open up your mind to incoming inspirations.

Looking for innovative and ground-breaking ideas at work? You’ll first need an atypical place to work at.

Freelance worker
A good working space leads to great work.

2| For Families

While parents are panicking about where to go in Singapore for some family activities, why not book a family suite and enjoy quality (day) time with the kids without any distractions? Some hotels here have built-in family-friendly facilities to give you and your children an unforgettable good time!  

Some of them also offer enriching kids’ activities and organize family workshops for stay(day)cation guests. Not only do your children get to learn and have a magical blast, but you can all grow as a family from experiencing the fun together!  

Family time
When was the last time you spend your holiday with your family?

3| For You

Most people like us are bored of staying in our own city under the evil pandemic. The holiday mood is always lurking at the back of our mind and the excitement every time we enter a hotel room never falters.

Book a hotel room near your region and chill with your close friends whom you haven't seen for quite a while during the day. You know how hard it is– especially now– to find a private, comfortable and spacious place to catch up and talk.  

Also, you're a grown-up. You have real issues to deal with and all the virus does is make it worse. You'll need a genuine and temporary escape more than ever before. Otherwise, you'll burn yourself out.

To prevent that, catch a break by staying in a daycation hotel room to regain your strength, clear your mind and reduce stress. Leave the daycation hotel and return to work a better person who's ready to take up any challenges!

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1| Grand Park City Hall - A Five Star Luxury Hotel

Grand Park City Hall swimming pool
How does it feel diving in a five-star hotel swimming pool? (Instagram@saltyhan)

A five-star hotel close to the CBD, being a few steps away from the City Hall subway station and classy shopping centres – the quality and accessibility of Grand Park City Hall is second to none.

“With expert harmonious integration of century-old conservation shophouse and contemporary architectural style, the new Grand Park City Hall fashions modernity fused with classical charm,”
~ The Park Hotel Group

Grand Park City Hall tea set
A very decent tea set by Grand Park City Hall. (

Grand Park City Hall

Hotel rating: ★★★★★

Address: 10 Coleman Street, City Hall, Singapore 179809

Charge: S$110 up

Book Grand Part City Hall now >>


2| Hotel Royal - With The Most Spacious Rooms In Singapore

Executive suite in Hotel Royal
Executive suite in Hotel Royal. (

Located in the heart of Singapore’s most exclusive district, Hotel Royal has convenient public transport. The Novena MRT station is just an 8-minute walk from the hotel and other modes of public transport are easily accessible from the hotel’s main entrance.

With the 362 newly refurbished spacious deluxe rooms and suites, guests can be immersed  in an “Every Room A Home” atmosphere during their stay in the hotel. The beige curtains and bedspreads along with the contemporary colored wallpaper soothe the mind and let guests bask in a cozy, warmth glow.  

Normal room in Hotel Royal
"Every Room A Home" (

Hotel Royal

Hotel rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 36 Newton Road, Singapore 307964

Charge: S$75 up

Book Hotel Royal now >>


3| ST Signature Jalan Besar - The Hub For Cultural Exchange

ST Signature Jalan Besar outdoor area
A place where you can take rest and talk with people from all around the world. (

ST Signature Jalan Besar, located in Little India, is a vibrant medley of traditional cultural aesthetics and artistic activities. This is the hotel you should stay in if you are interested in experiencing the clash of different art expressions.

You may not be aware of the landmark of Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple and the graffiti that adorns the streets, but the area the hotel is in is home to many spots that are good for the mind and soul, and are worthy of an Instagram mention.

ST Signature Jalan Besar working space
A quiet corner for work. (

ST Signature Jalan Besar

Hotel rating: ★★★☆☆

Address: 15 Upper Weld Road, Little India, Singapore 207372

Charge: S$50 up

Book ST Signature Jalan Besar now >>


4| Travelodge Harbourfront Singapore - Where You Can Get Work-life Balance

Deluxe Room in Travelodge Harbourfront Singapore
The perfect place that can get you to concentrate on work and finish it. (Flow)

Being surrounded by Sentosa Resort, Universal Studios Singapore and the city's largest shopping mall Vivocity, Travelodge Harbourfront Singapore provides its business traveler guests with the perfect incentive to get quality work done.

Regardless of why and how long you're staying in Travelodge, its fitness centre and outdoor swimming pool are waiting for you to take your pent-up stress out on them. Hitting the gym or having a dip in the pool will do you a lot of good!

Outdoor swimming pool in Travelodge Harbourfront Singapore
An outdoor swimming pool waiting for you to dive right in! (Instagram: @konopi_sg)

Travelodge Harbourfront Singapore

Hotel rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 50 Telok Blangah Road, Singapore 098828

Charge: S$89 up

Book Travelodge Harbourfront Singapore now >>


5| Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy - Where You Can Get Work-life Balance

Deluxe King Ocean View Room in Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy
Spacious room fit for a family (Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy Facebook page)

For lovely people who are traveling with family, you will want to come back to Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy for seconds. It's a paradise for parents and child-free individuals both.

For parents, they can take a breather in this hotel as Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy offers both family rooms for family quality time and babysitting service in case mom and dad really need help or a quick break.

But what really unites both parents and guests without that kind of responsibility and lifts their spirit is their in-hotel bar and restaurants. Talk about convenience and relaxation. You've hit the jackpot!  

With child or no, we're certain everybody could use a drink or a scrumptious meal in the hotel.

Feast Roxy in Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy
Where you can enjoy delicious food and drinks away from the kids in peace 

Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy

Hotel rating: ★★★★☆

Address: 50 East Coast Road, Marine Parade Road, Roxy Square, Singapore 428769

Charge: S$132 up

Book Grand Mercure Singapore Roxy now >>


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