Tanjong Pagar's Best 10 Bars [2024]: Classics & New Hangouts

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Tanjong Pagar's Best 10 Bars [2024]: Classics & New Hangouts

Tanjong Pagar, the shining star of the CBD, is where all the cool kids in the Lion City hang out. It’s a magnet for foodies, party animals, and those who appreciate a great cocktail from a good one. This guide will be your trusty sidekick as we unveil the top 10 bars in Tanjong Pagar that will blow your socks off. Get ready to embark on a boozy adventure!

1. The Oyster Bank – Tanjong Pagar

The Oyster Bank

This is Oyster Bank’s first shophouse venture in Tanjong Pagar. This oyster bar offers a breath of fresh air (literally) with its alfresco seating and semi-open-air concept. They offer an SGD2 oyster happy hour with the purchase of an alcoholic drink during certain times of the day. You can slurp those succulent oysters while enjoying the breeze. You can revel in an oyster heaven. If you’re in the mood for a novel twist on the classic oyster bar with a more lighthearted bar setting, head to The Oyster Bank.

Address: 39 Tg Pagar Rd, #01-02, Singapore 088462 (Google Maps)
Opening Hours: Mon-Tue 3pm-11pm, Wed & Fri 3pm-12am, Thurs closed, Sat 12noon-12am, Sun 12noon-11pm
Website | Instagram | Phone +65 6970 7662

2. The Tipsy Tavern

The Tipsy Tavern is a versatile establishment that transforms from a cosy café during the day to a lively gastropub at night. “Stay Tipsy, Stay Happy”. Their handcrafted mocktails and cocktails are a highlight while offering a range of unique and flavorful options. With a fully stocked bar and rotating craft beer taps, there’s something for everyone. With dimmed lights and elegant leather tablecloths, the bar’s cosy ambience and friendly staff create a welcoming environment for guests that satisfies your cravings.

Address: 32 Maxwell Rd, #01-08 Maxwell Chambers, Singapore 069115 (Google Maps)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 1130am-3pm (Cafe Time) 530pm-12am (Bar Time), Sat 5pm-12am (Bar Time)
Website | Instagram | Phone + 65 8819 6216

3. Enclave


Enclave Bar, once tucked away in the basement of Golden Mile Complex, has found a new hidden haven on the second floor of Ann Sian Hill. It’s an enchanting escape from the chaos of everyday life. While known as a dive bar, Enclave offers much more. Indulge in their diverse selection of wines and champagnes, complemented by a captivating blend of atmosphere and cultural influences. The menu tantalizes with a seamless fusion of Indonesian-style cuisine and Balinese-inspired space.

Address: 41 Keong Saik Road, Singapore (Google Maps)
Opening Hours: Mon closed, Tues-Sat 3pm-11pm, Sun 3pm-9pm
Instagram | Facebook | Phone +65 6592 2824

4. Moon Rooftop Bar & Lounge Pte. Ltd.

Moon Rooftop Bar & Lounge, the newest addition in 2023, is the only moon-themed rooftop bar in Singapore. Situated in the bustling Central Business District, this premier rooftop bar offers a captivating view of the port. Experience the awe-inspiring sunset and enchanting night vistas while enjoying your time here. The bar is renowned for its moon-inspired ambience, allowing guests to savour delectable dining and drinks under the celestial canopy.

Address: 70 Anson Rd, #27-01 Hub Synergy Point, Singapore 079905 (Google Maps)
Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 11am-12am, Sat-Sun 5pm-12am
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone +65 9796 6696

5. Praelum Wine Bistro

Praelum Wine Bistro is charming in its passion for wine and food, which suits wine enthusiasts and food lovers. The name “Praelum” symbolizes the connection between grape-growing terroirs and the creation of delightful libations. This quaint wine bar is such a hidden gem. It has its own wine cellar, and the sommeliers know the wines and what will go well with the food that guests are ordering.

Address: 4 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089590 (Google Maps)
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 6pm-12am, Sun closed
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone +65 9022 0141

6. Beats Bites & Cocktails (BBC)

Beats Bites & Cocktails (BBC)

At Beats Bites & Cocktails (BBC), a modern lounge redefines culinary excellence with a menu curated by skilled chefs who expertly blend tradition and innovation. Prepare to be dazzled by signature cocktails crafted by talented mixologists; each sip is an adventure of tantalizing flavours. The captivating music sets the perfect vibe, elevating your time at BBC to new heights. With its stylish ambience, this sensory wonderland will leave a lasting impression, offering a symphony of taste that delights both your palate and your ears.

Address: 8 Bukit Basoh Rd, Singapore 089822 (Google Maps)
Opening Hours: Sun-Tues 6pm-12am, Wed-Sat 6pm-03am
Website | Instagram | Facebook | Phone +65 9630 1743

7. Parliament Bar

Parliament Bar

If you want to try the vibe of the dive bar, Parliament Bar is a top choice in Tanjong Pagar. When you enter the bar, you will feel a fantastic embrace combining delicious classic American fare, refreshing drinks, and an unforgettable soundtrack spanning genres and generations. From mouthwatering dishes that satisfy your cravings, pair your meal with American pours or their signature cocktails crafted with precision and creativity. Its curated soundtrack, from oldies and classic rock to funk, R&B, and neo-soul, truly sets Parliament Bar apart.

Address: 18 Teck Lim Rd, #02-01, Singapore 088390 (Google Maps)
Opening Hours: Tues-Sat 5pm-12am, Mon-Sun closed
Website | Instagram | Phone +65 9622 7573

8. Oriental Elixir

Oriental Elixir

Oriental Elixir is a hidden treasure that’s got everyone buzzing. Nestled in a secret spot, its entrance beckons with an alluring old-world charm that hints at the magic within. Stepping through that door, prepare to be transported to a realm of pure nostalgia and soul-stirring vibes. The vintage-inspired decor takes you back to the coolest spots of the 70s and 80s, radiating retro allure. But hold on tight because Oriental Elixir is no ordinary bar. The talented bartenders create personalized cocktail masterpieces tailored to your every desire.

Address: 19 Bukit Pasoh Second Floor, Singapore 089833 (Google Maps)
Opening Hours: Mon closed, Tues-Sun 6pm-12am
Website | Instagram | Phone +65 9724 7576

9. RPM by Dbespoke

RPM by Dbespoke

If you are looking for a bar distinct from Westerns, RPM by Dbespoke is among the best choices. It is a vinyl music lounge specializing in Japanese Shochu and Japanese Shochu cocktails, perfect for vinyl and Japanese culture lovers. The cosy wood furniture, atmospheric lighting, and an impressive collection of vinyl LPs create an incredible space to enjoy a drink. A top-notch sound system featuring classic turntables also offers an extraordinary experience for you. Whether you are a Shochu lover or looking for unique cocktails, RPM by Dbespoke awaits with its dedication to the art of vinyl and Japanese spirits.

Address: 16 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089482 (Google Maps)
Opening Hours: Mon closed, Tues-Fri 3pm-1130pm, Sat-Sun 5pm-1130pm
Instagram | Facebook | Phone +65 8359 1334

10. The Elephant Room Singapore

The Elephant Room Singapore

The Elephant Room Singapore, as a culture-forward cocktail bar, aims to capture the essence of Little India through expertly crafted cocktails. The current menu pays tribute to the culture and traditions of hawkers, flower traders, and spice traders. Guests can expect a sensorial experience that showcases the rich Indian culture. It is full of experience with every drink, with lots of thought, hard work, and creativity behind each cocktail. It would be a perfect fit for those seeking to be immersed in different cultures and unique flavours in cocktails.

Address: 33 Tg Pagar Rd, #01-02, Singapore 088456 (Google Maps)
Opening Hours: Sun-Mon closed, Tues-Sat 5pm-1am
Website | Instagram | Phone +65 9111 5131

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