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Want to take a power nap in some fancy sheets in between work? Need a place to rest after a red-eye flight or to take a break from your responsibilities? In the past we might have to pay for an overnight stay even though we’re staying for less than half a day. But not anymore. From central city boutique hideouts to luxurious five-star retreats, you can book any hotel room you see on Flow by the hour and only pay for the time you use. Flow partners with reputable hotels to offer you affordable rates and flexible check-in time. Be it an early meeting, mid-day nap or a few uninterrupted hours of alone time, we’ve got a room just for that and a string of different occasions.

Luxury hotels with hourly rates in Malaysia

If you’re imagining a sketchy shoplot hotel when we talk about hourly bookings, we’ve got a surprise for you. Flow partners with high-end hotels in Malaysia to provide affordable hourly to half-day rates, at a discount up to 75% off the daily rates. We are here to provide Malaysians with more flexible stay options at major hotel chains and upscale hotel brands, so they can keep up with our dynamic and spontaneous lifestyle. Dorsett, Pullman, InterContinental, MiCasa All Suites, and Melia are some of the luxury hotels that currently promote timeslot / day-use packages on the Flow app.
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