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Enjoy a mini hotel stay with flexible same-day check-in and check-out. Find daycation deals happening now.

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What’s so good about daycations?

Save up to 75% on the overnight rates with 6 to 12 hours’ daycations at luxury hotels in Malaysia on Flow. For a lot of busy bees out there, the standard 2pm check-in time can be too inflexible for their schedules. On a daycation, we get to choose our own check-in time and stay duration. Looking for a quiet hotel room to take an urgent early morning conference call? Check-in as early as 6am is made possible, without having to book a room across two nights or paying all the crazy last-minute surcharges. Daycations are also great as a mid-week de-stress getaway, especially for working people who are trying to hold off spending their paid time off. Find a time slot starting from 5 to 6 pm and enjoy a pampering evening to yourself before the next work day starts. Like other regular overnight guests, daycationers can enjoy full access to the hotel’s facilities such as pools and gyms. It’s perfect for when you want to unplug, but can’t find time for a staycation. Daycations are truly an affordable and flexible way to enjoy a hassle-free luxury hotel experience.

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Find daycation deals in Malaysia

You can find attractive daycation deals in Malaysia on Flow. We partner with 3- to 5-star major hotel chains and reputable boutique hotels to offer you up to 75% off the nightly rates. Many hotels offer discounts on daycation as it is a great way to help them lower vacancy rates during down time. You can filter the list of hotels offering daycation deals by price if you have a budget in mind.

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