Chai Wan

Find Co-Working Spaces in Chai Wan by the Hour

Enjoy instant access to a hot desk at co-working spaces in Chai Wan with the price of a coffee. Get work done anywhere.


Can I book meeting rooms in Chai Wan for a few hours only?

Flow offers flexible hourly bookings for meeting rooms in Chai Wan. You can book a meeting room for an hour to a day.

Can I book a meeting room in Chai Wan for today?

Yes, meeting room bookings are instantly confirmed on Flow.

What amenities and facilities do party rooms Chai Wan provide?

Party rooms in Chai Wan typically offer audio-visual equipment, smart TVs, fridges, automatic mahjong tables and more. You may refer to the respective booking page for more details.

Can I use the hot desks at the same co-working space in Chai Wan?

You will have to make a separate booking on Flow. Search for hot desks by the hour.

What facilities and amenities do meeting rooms in Chai Wan provide?

Meeting rooms in Chai Wan typically provide guests with free internet, coffee, other beverages, and snacks. The workspaces are usually equipped with printers and other office supplies (extra charge may occur).