15 Best Dayuse Hotels in Hong Kong [2024]

Experience a day of luxury and comfort at Hong Kong’s finest day-use hotels.



15 Best Dayuse Hotels in Hong Kong [2024]

Looking for an affordable midweek getaway without dipping into your holiday fund? Consider booking day-use hotels and enjoy a unique short-stay hotel experience. Despite the generally high prices of hotels in Hong Kong, there are actually plenty of options that offer discounted daytime rates for those in the know. Look at our recommendations for the best day-use hotels in Hong Kong, offering unbeatable half-day rates and flexible check-in!

Best Dayuse Hotels on Hong Kong Island

1. Hotel One Eighteen

Hotel One Eighteen

If you’re looking for a daytime hotel that is easily accessible, Hotel One Eighteen in Tin Hau is a fantastic choice. It’s perfect for short stays and boasts a wide array of restaurants just a stone’s throw away. Additionally, you’ll find a supermarket conveniently situated around the corner, and the Fortress MTR station is just a 7-minute walk away. While the rooms may not offer abundant space, they are meticulously kept and offer a convenient and comfortable hourly home base during your visit.

Day-use rate: From HKD630 / 6 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, free bottled water, shower, desk, cable/digital TV, blackout curtain, minibar, coffee shop, towels

Address: 118 Electric Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Where to Book: Hotel One Eighteen

2. iclub Fortress Hill Hotel

iclub Fortress Hill Hotel

If you’re an economic business traveller seeking a business-friendly day room, you may want to look into day use offer at iclub Fortress Hill Hotel in Fortress Hill. While the hotel rooms may not be the largest, they are thoughtfully equipped with everything you’ll need during your hourly stay. With day use rates starting from just HK$460, it’s hard to find a better deal for day rooms in the area.

Day-use rate: From HKD460 / 6 hours

Star rating: ★★★★

Feature(s): Air-conditioning, free bottled water, outdoor swimming pool, shower, desk, coffee/tea maker, minibar, cable/digital TV, gym/fitness centre, wheelchair accessible

Address: 18 Merlin Street, North Point, Hong Kong

Where to Book: iclub Fortress Hill Hotel

3. Hotel Indigo

Hotel Indigo

With its stylish design, modern amenities, and stunning views, Hotel Indigo in Wan Chai has an excellent value-to-money day-use rate for individuals seeking a unique space for remote working or a romantic couple getaway.

The boutique hotel provides 24-hour access to its gym and boasts a rooftop infinity pool with a captivating glass bottom. For an incredible dining experience, visit Indicolite, the hotel’s exclusive all-day dining restaurant on the 2nd floor. You can enjoy a stunning view from there that overlooks Wan Chai’s post office.

Day-use rate: From HKD680 / 4 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, shower, free bottled water, cable/digital TV, wheelchair accessible, minibar, blackout curtains

Address: No. 246, Queen’s Rd East, Wan Chai

Where to Book: Hotel Indigo

4. AKI Hong Kong – MGallery

AKI Hong Kong - MGallery

Looking for a larger-than-life luxury hotel experience, even for a day-use stay? Book a daycation at the new AKI Hong Kong – MGallery, located near the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wan Chai. The hotel combines elegant Japanese aesthetics with outstanding amenities.

AKI Hong Kong – MGallery rooms are understandably compact, yet they offer thoughtful amenities to enhance your stay. You’ll discover TWG teabags available for your in-room tea and coffee facilities and luxurious Malin+Goetz toiletries that provide the ultimate comfort. The hotel has a gym where you can break a sweat and maintain your fitness routine.

Day-use rate: From HKD1100 / 6 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, shower, free bottled water, cable/digital TV, smart TV

Address: 239 Jaffe Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

Where to Book: AKI Hong Kong – MGallery

5. The Park Lane Hong Kong

The Park Lane Hong Kong, a Pullman Hotel is one of the top day-use hotels in Causeway Bay, offering a luxurious layout and an affordable daytime rate. The day hotel features beautifully designed interiors with spacious 280 sqft rooms, thoughtfully equipped with large workstations and comfortable work chairs, setting them apart from the usual cramped setups found in other hotels. After enjoying a rejuvenating short stay, you can explore the vicinity, which has numerous coffee shops and Cha Chaan tengs.

Day-use rate: From HKD1100 / 8 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, shower, desk, blackout curtains, coffee/tea maker, cable/digital TV, minibar, towels, sofa

Address: 310 Glocester Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Where to Book: The Park Lane Hong Kong

Best Dayuse Hotels in Kowloon

6. Camlux Hotel

There are limited accommodation options available in Kowloon Bay, and one of the most popular choices for short-stay guests is Camlux Hotel. This hotel was the first built in the area, where the well-known local houseware brand Camel, had its factory.

Each room is thoughtfully adorned with vintage home products from past decades, creatively repurposed for modern use. As you step into the lobby, you’ll also notice the playful interiors crafted from a fusion of various materials commonly found in the industry, including plastic, stainless steel, glass, and copper. Your day-use hotel experience will be truly exceptional and unforgettable at Camlux.

Day-use rate: From HKD550 / 6 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, shower, wheelchair accessible, free shuttle

Address: 15 Wang Kwong Road, Kowloon

Where to Book: Camlux Hotel

7. The Kowloon Hotel

The Kowloon Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui is a fantastic daycation choice for families and business travellers. It is an ideal rest stop for a family day trip or a comfortable work-from-home environment. This accommodation offers excellent facilities for remote work and family enjoyment, including a well-equipped gym and in-room bathtubs for indulging in warm, bubbly baths after a hard day at work.

The hotel provides reliable day-use rooms for 6-10 hours of booking and flexible 24-hour check-in options. This means you can check into your room early in the morning or late at night. If you want to save money and prefer early check-in, booking a day room at The Kowloon Hotel is a great alternative to reserving two-night accommodations.

Day-use rate: From HKD600 / 6 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, free bottled water, desk, bathtub, shower, blackout curtains, minibar, coffee/tea maker, cable/digital TV

Address: 19-21 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Where to Book: The Kowloon Hotel

8. Xi Hotel

Xi Hotel is a unique boutique hotel that offers day-use room rates. It boasts spacious rooms that set it apart from many other accommodations in Hong Kong. Despite the generous room sizes, the hotel maintains affordable prices, making it an excellent choice for those seeking budget hotels in Tsim Sha Tsui.

At Xi Hotel, you can avail of 4-hour rooms with flexible 24-hour check-in. Whether you need a room during the daytime or late at night, you can conveniently book online through Flow and instantly step into your private space. Say goodbye to the hassle of requesting early check-in at other hotels – Xi Hotel has you covered.

Day-use rate: From HKD740 / 4 Hours

Star rating: ★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, free bottled water, desk, sofa, bar, shower, minibar, coffee/tea maker, restaurants

Address: 7 Minden Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui

Where to Book: Xi Hotel

9. Hotel 1936

Hotel 1936 in Prince Edward will undoubtedly fill up your photo cloud storage if you like historic buildings. True to its name, this property was beautifully revitalized from a Grade III Heritage site constructed in 1936 in Hong Kong. As you explore the hotel, you’ll encounter a captivating blend of vintage and modern aesthetics, extending to the guest rooms.

In a realm where typical hourly room settings can feel mundane, the stylistic interiors at Hotel 1936 offer a refreshing departure from the ordinary. This unique fusion of vintage and contemporary elements creates an engaging and memorable experience for your daytime stay.

Day-use rate: From HKD550 / 5 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, free bottled water, blackout curtains, shower, towel, desk, minibar, cable/digital TV, shower

Address: 179 Prince Edward Road West, Prince Edward

Where to Book: Hotel 1936

10. The Royal Garden

The Royal Garden is a luxurious hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui that surprises guests with its availability of day-use room rates. This 5-star hotel has earned a reputation for offering exceptional services and satisfying dining options. The grandeur of the hotel’s design is evident throughout, from the majestic lobby to the spacious rooms.

In addition to the aesthetically pleasing outdoor pool and well-equipped fitness centre, there are plenty of activities to enjoy outside the hotel rooms during your daycation. The Sky Club Spa is also a highlight, having received a 4-star award from the 2023 Forbes Travel Guide for the first time this year.

Day-use rate: From HKD880 / 8 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, desk, shower, towels, blackout curtains, cable/digital TV, coffee/tea maker, free bottled water, minibar, outdoor swimming pool, gym/fitness center, outdoor garden.

Address: 69 Mody Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Where to Book: The Royal Garden

Best Dayuse Hotels in New Territories

11. Regala Skycity Hotel

Waiting for flights can be tiring, but fortunately, Regala Skycity Hotel offers the convenience of hourly rentals for travellers with layovers. Located at SKYCITY Hong Kong International Airport, with many bus routes connecting various areas in the city, this hotel is highly accessible yet remains discreet.

Many guests also rent the 5-star hotel for weddings, social gatherings, and staycations. The hotel is conveniently connected to AsiaWorld-Expo and 11 SKIES, offering additional amenities and entertainment options. After a relaxing short stay, you can easily catch a bus to Macau or Zhu Hai in under an hour, further expanding your travel possibilities.

Day-use rate: From HKD660 / 16 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, cable/digital TV, shower, desk, free bottled water, gym/fitness centre, outdoor swimming pool

Address: 8 Airport Expo Boulevard Hong Kong International Airport Chek Lap Kok, Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Where to Book: Regala Skycity Hotel

12. Alva Hotel By Royal

Alva Hotel By Royal, located in Sha Tin, is a family-friendly hotel that offers enticing day-use room rates. This modern hotel embraces the concept of healthy living and seamlessly combines a tech-savvy building with breathtaking views of the lush green countryside. Situated near the Shing Mun River, you can conveniently rent bikes from the hotel and enjoy a leisurely ride along the river.

The hotel offers spacious, clean rooms and an outdoor rooftop swimming pool with mesmerizing cityscape views at night. This property is especially suited for young guests seeking a fresh and stylish experience that provides smart and innovative amenities.

Day-use rate: From HKD550 / 6 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, minibar, shower, outdoor swimming pool, outdoor garden, desk, blackout curtains, smart TV, gym/fitness centre

Address: 1 Yuen Hong Street, Sha Tin, Hong Kong

Where to Book: Alva Hotel By Royal

13. Pentahotel Hong Kong, Tuen Mun

Pentahotel Hong Kong, Tuen Mun offers a delightful and intimate short stay within a converted industrial building, showcasing contemporary design. Situated in the heart of Tuen Mun, this hotel boasts 298 modern guest rooms and a 24-hour gym.

For those seeking day-use rooms, the hotel provides flexible 6-hour bookings starting as early as 6 a.m. It is conveniently located near numerous shopping malls and excellent dining options and offers easy access to Macau, Shenzhen Bay, and Hong Kong International Airport.

Day-use rate: From HKD700 / 6 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, blackout curtains, cable/digital TV, free bottled water, shower, towel, coffee/tea maker, restaurants

Address: 6 Tsun Wen Road, Tuen Mun, New Territories

Where to Book: Pentahotel Hong Kong, Tuen Mun

14. Hotel COZi ∙ Wetland

Are you looking for a place that allows you to connect with nature? With a day room in Hotel COZi Wetland, you can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding natural beauty, while experiencing the comfort of contemporary and soothing interiors in every room. It’s a home away from home.

The nearby Wetland Park is a highlight of the area, which showcases Hong Kong’s diverse plant species and is a favourite among families. Here, you can have a relaxing daycation with your friends or family in a serene location in Hong Kong. If you want to explore Hong Kong’s natural wonders, the hotel can arrange eco-tours to the Mai Po Nature Reserve or the Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden.

Day-use rate: From HKD396 / 6 Hours

Star rating: ★★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, cable/digital TV, free bottled water, sound-proofed rooms

Address: 8 Tin Sau Road, Tin Shui Wai

Where to Book: Hotel COZi ∙ Wetland

15. Silvermine Beach Resort

Silvermine Beach Resort is here to save the day when finding a day-use hotel in a discreet location. And if you happen to be a beach and sea enthusiast, this accommodation is bound to exceed your expectations.

The resort offers guest rooms with breathtaking views of the grounds, hills, and sea in the picturesque Silvermine Bay area. Each room is thoughtfully designed with large windows for ample natural light. In addition to using the space for remote work, you can unwind and rejuvenate at the spa, sauna, or expansive outdoor swimming pool, which is nothing short of magnificent.

Day-use rate: From HKD550 / 7 Hours

Star rating: ★★★

Feature(s): WiFi in rooms, air-conditioning, cable/digital TV, outdoor swimming pool, sauna, shower, desk, public water machine, outdoor garden, gym/fitness centre

Address: D.D.2 Lot 648, Silvermine Bay, Mui Wo, Lantau Island

Where to Book: Silvermine Beach Resort

There are many day-use hotels in Hong Kong, from budget to luxury hotels. So, hourly hotels will fulfil all your needs, whether you are looking for a short stay with your partners and friends or a quiet space to work remotely peacefully. Book your dayuse hotel now on Flow!


What are dayuse hotels?

Day-use hotels allow guests to check in and depart on the same day. Guests often have 6-8 hours or more to utilize the accommodation before checking out at the scheduled time. Usually, guests will have access to common amenities and may enjoy the rooms to themselves during their check-in time.

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