2024 Aquarius Explained: Men vs Women - Personality, Love, How to Win Them Over

It’s not easy to decode these hyper-logical Aquarians, but we did it.



2024 Aquarius Explained: Men vs Women - Personality, Love, How to Win Them Over

Aquarius might just be one of the trickiest star signs to figure out. If you’re not an Aquarius yourself, you probably have a ton of questions: How do you actually get along with an Aquarius? How do you even start a friendship with them? Once you’re friends, how can you take things to the next level? How do you keep an Aquarius happy in a romantic relationship?

We’ve put together the key personality traits of Aquarius men and women. This guide will help you understand how to get along with Aquarians in general, get a feel for their take on love, and find out how to win their hearts if you’ve got a crush on this elusive yet captivating sign.

Star Sign: Aquarius
Birth Dates January 20 to February 18
Previous Sign Capricorn
Next Sign Pisces

Aquarius Personality: Strengths & Weaknesses of Aquarius Men

Aquarius Male Strength: Charismatic

水瓶男星代表:Harry Styles(生日:2 月 1 日)
Aquarius Male Celeb: Harry Styles (February 1)

Aquarius men naturally give off charm. Being around them makes you involuntarily develop a little crush. Their passion for work makes you want to become their follower.

Aquarius Male Strength: Quick Thinking

水瓶男星代表:C 朗(生日:2 月 5 日)
Aquarius Male Celeb: Cristiano Ronaldo (February 5)

You can basically discuss any topic with an Aquarius man because they are very knowledgeable and well-read. You can count on Aquarius men to solve your problems, as they often can come up with innovative and effective solutions quickly, making them well-known problem solvers in the zodiac!

Aquarius Male Strength: Elusively Unqiue

男名模 Otto Seppalainen 黑白色相 (Credit: Unique Models)
Aquarius Male Celeb: Ed Sheeran (February 17)

While we’re all unique, some are more unique than others—and Aquarius men have an extraordinarily distinct aura that captivates us all. You might call them uniquely elusive or elusively unique, depending on your perspective. Some even describe them as the humans closest to aliens in both thoughts and behaviour. If you sometimes find yourself puzzled by your crush’s actions, he might just be an Aquarius!

Aquarius Male Strength: Idealistic

水瓶男星代表:Ashton Kutcher(生日:2 月 7 日)
Aquarius Male Celeb: Ashton Kutcher (February 7) / Photo credit: people.com

Being idealistic is a commendable trait that manifests positively in action-oriented Aquarius men.

Aquarius men have strong moral values and care about spiritual and mental health. They have kind hearts and are passionate about humanitarianism and charity, hoping to make the whole world a better place. How can you resist their charm when you uncover this simple, sincere side of Aquarius men?

Aquarius Male Weakness: Not Good at Expressing Emotions

水瓶男星代表:Tom Hiddleston(生日:2 月 9 日)
Aquarius Male Celeb: Tom Hiddleston (February 9)

Aquarius men are highly rational and even analyze their own emotions. They often don’t express their troubles because they think it will burden others who already have problems of their own.

What Aquarius men don’t realize is that seeing them suffer in silence is even more worrying for others!

Aquarius Male Weakness: Introverted and Cold

水瓶男星代表:Christian Bale(左)(生日:1 月 30 日)
Aquarius Male Celeb: Christian Bale (January 30)

Among all the signs, Aquarius men give off the strongest sense of distance. Their minds are constantly active, but they verbalize little. Their quirky thoughts and feelings are held back by their rationality, resulting in their quiet, introverted image.

Aquarius men are simply used to not externalizing their emotions and feelings. To them, this is normal, but to others, Aquarius men come across as aloof. After getting to know them better, you’ll find Aquarius men have lively imaginations and actually enjoy sharing about themselves.

Aquarius Male Weakness: Unpredictable

水瓶男星代表:張敬軒(生日:2 月 1 日)
Aquarius Male Celeb: Hins Cheung (February 1)

Aquarius men’s thought processes are so quick and unconventional that they often defy simple explanations. To those who don’t know them well enough, their enigmatic nature can come across as unpredictable and uncontrollable, making others hesitant to approach them.

Aquarius Male Weakness: Prioritizes Friends Over Romance

Aquarius Male Celeb: The Weeknd (February 16)

Due to their introverted nature, Aquarius men don’t like social butterflies and only invest time in worthwhile best friends.

Aquarius men value friendships. They often devote effort to friendships, are great listeners, and are usually the most trusted members of their social circles. Aquarius men stay up late listening to friends vent and rush to help a friend in need without hesitation. To Aquarius men, this is just what friends should do, but their girlfriends may feel neglected and worry their kindness will be taken advantage of.

Aquarius Male Weakness: Impatient

水瓶男星代表:Khalid(生日:2 月 11 日)
Aquarius Male Celeb: Khalid (February 11)

Aquarius men are serious about time management. They are punctual, straight to the point, and don’t ramble. Therefore, they expect the same efficiency from their friends and partners. When you are late or a stranger holds them up with a long conversation, Aquarius men will show impatience even if they think they’re hiding it well.

If you are not close with an Aquarius and tend to ramble, make sure to organize your thoughts before approaching him. When Aquarius men will only give you the time of day if they consider you a close friend.

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Aquarius Personality: Strengths & Weaknesses of Aquarius Women

Aquarius Female Strength: Loyal

水瓶女星代表:Blackpink 的 Rosé(生日:2 月 11 日)
Aquarius Female Celeb: Rosé @ Blackpink (February 11)

Aquarius women are honest. They don’t want to break others’ trust in them and feel that lies will eventually be exposed anyway, so it’s better to be upfront from the start to avoid guilt and anxiety down the line (very reasonable of Aquarius!)

Aquarius Female Strength: Creative

水瓶女星代表:Rosamund Pike(生日:1 月 27 日)
Aquarius Female Celeb: Rosamund Pike (January 27)

While Aquarius men and women are intelligent, Aquarius women are more willing to reveal their emotionality and quirkiness under societal gender norms, making creativity a pronounced Aquarius female trait.

Aquarius women’s observant nature as listeners gives them keen insights. Their works are refreshingly creative and meticulously executed. No wonder many Aquarius women excel academically!

Aquarius Female Strength: Imaginative

(Credit: Shutterstock)
Aquarius Female Celeb: Shakira (February 2)

Creative people often have astounding imaginations, which is true of Aquarius women. Conversing with them allows you to glimpse their whimsical inner worlds, adding lots of delight to your interactions!

Aquarius Female Strength: Independent

水瓶女星代表:Jennifer Aniston(生日:2 月 11 日)
Aquarius Female Celeb: Jennifer Aniston (February 11)

Rational Aquarius women are tough, resolute iron ladies. If you want a delicate, dependent girlfriend, look elsewhere. Aquarius women won’t act weak or rely on others, striving to solve problems themselves.

Aquarius Female Strength: Values Freedom

水瓶女星代表:Chloe Grace Moretz(生日:2 月 10 日)
Aquarius Female Celeb: Chloe Grace Moretz (February 10)

Freedom holds supreme importance to Aquarius women. They cannot be restricted or they will feel a loss of identity and become passive and melancholy. Male suitors with possessive tendencies need to restrain themselves to get along with Aquarius women.

Aquarius Female Weakness: Emotional

水瓶女星代表:Megan Thee Stallion(生日:2 月 15 日)
Aquarius Female Celeb: Megan Thee Stallion (February 15)

While not hot-tempered, Aquarius women do get upset and sad. Aquarius women think the best way to heal is to isolate themselves until the emotions subside before facing others with a smile again.

What Aquarius women don’t realize is that avoiding conflict can cause misunderstandings, as others find them hard to understand, moody, and emotionally volatile, running off when unhappy. But don’t worry—Aquarius women value friendships highly and will try to resolve disagreements calmly afterwards.

Aquarius Female Weakness: Stubborn

水瓶女星代表:Ellen Degeneres(生日:1 月 26 日)
Aquarius Female Celeb: Ellen Degeneres (January 26) / Photo credit: Reuters

Aquarius women have tremendous willpower but are also extremely stubborn. No one can stop them from acting upon their thoughts if their minds are made up, even if it is wildly out of the ordinary or out of proportion. As long as they believe what they do is right, there is simply no stopping them.

Best Zodiac Matches for Aquarius

Top Match 1: Aquarius and Gemini

  • Aquarius: Air sign
  • Gemini: Air sign
雙子男代表:Tom Holland(生日:6 月 1 日)
Gemini Male Celeb: Tom Holland (June 1)

Aquarius and Gemini are both intellectual signs, capable of challenging each other intellectually. Freedom is paramount for both, and they love novelty and are open to trying new things, making them a match made in heaven.

Top Match 2: Aquarius and Libra

  • Aquarius: Air sign
  • Libra: Air sign
Libra Female Celeb: Cardi B (October 11)
Libra Female Celeb: Cardi B (October 11)

Libra and Aquarius are both charming, changeable air signs, easily infatuated at first sight. The former will be attracted to the Aquarius’ wit and passion for humanitarian causes, while the Aquarius will admire the Libra’s ability to make impartial judgments.

Top Match 3: Aquarius and Aries

  • Aquarius: Air sign
  • Aries: Fire sign
Aries Male Celeb: Robert Downey Jr. (April 4)
Aries Male Celeb: Robert Downey Jr. (April 4)

Air feeds fire, so Aquarius and Aries complement each other well. Independent, assertive Aries can be hot-headed but is also very bright and energetic. They can impart vitality into the Aquarius’ life and lead them to explore beyond their comfort zone. Aquarius’ creativity can inspire Aries in return, and also calm Aries’ impulsiveness.

Top Match 4: Aquarius and Leo

  • Aquarius: Air sign
  • Leo: Fire sign
Leo Female Celeb: Meghan Markle (August 4)
Leo Female Celeb: Meghan Markle (August 4)

Opposites attract, and that is particularly true for Aquarius and Leo. Warm, passionate Leo loves to give selflessly and radiates light and warmth, which aloof Aquarius finds hard to resist. Talented Leo will admire Aquarius’ independence and uniqueness and may even want to be tamed by them.

Though Aquarius and Leo are both extremely stubborn and have almost polar opposite personalities, they are also open-minded idealists. With patience and commitment, these signs are determined to overcome conflicts and build a beautiful, long-lasting romantic relationship.

Top Match 5: Aquarius and Sagittarius

  • Aquarius: Air sign
  • Sagittarius: Fire sign
Sagittarius Male Celeb: Jin (BTS)
Sagittarius Male Celeb: Jin (BTS)

Like Aries and Leo, Sagittarius is a fiery sign, but Sagittarius shares common ground with Aquarius: both are free spirits who seek novelty and are bold about trying new things. Sagittarius is almost independent enough to create a push-and-pull dynamic that intrigues Aquarius.

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Worst Zodiac Matches for Aquarius

Earth Signs: Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo

Aquarius is avant-garde, innovative, open-minded, and adaptive to changes. In contrast, most Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo are more conservative, traditional, and value stability and material things – very different from Aquarius’ idealism. Air and earth signs are not the most compatible match with such opposing traits.

Water Signs: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio

Like Leo, Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio can move Aquarius with endless love. However, in relationships, these water signs can become overly dependent, a quality that the independent, lone wolf Aquarius finds unattractive. Water signs are also known for their intense feelings and sensitivity—traits the rational Aquarius cannot relate to and doesn’t know how to handle, eventually leading them to keep their distance.

How to Befriend Aquarius

1. Learn to be independent

While independent and reliable, Aquarius does not seek co-dependence in a partner. Instead, they prefer individuals who are resilient and self-sufficient.

Aquarius values freedom and individuality and admires those who can stand on their own while also being supportive and understanding.

2. Keep your distance

Aquarius is eager to explore and loves puzzles. To become their friend, you need to maintain a bit of distance and mystery to pique their curiosity. While they appreciate partners who are rational and easy to read, being an open book from the start isn’t ideal. If they find you too transparent initially, they may soon lose interest.

3. Inspire each other intellectually

Aquarius likes getting inspired and intellectually stimulated, and they seek that out in their social circles. They are not the type to date or befriend those who are below their intellectual level. To be their friends or even confidants, come prepared with abundant knowledge and be ready for enthusiastic discussions about anything and everything.

4. Avoid being too practical – at least not more than them

Aquarius can be more pragmatic than Capricorn when needed, but when left to their own devices, they let their guard down and become as wildly imaginative as anyone. If you want to be let into their world, you need to create a safe space where they can indulge their unrealistic fantasies. Allowing them to be themselves when around you will mean a lot to Aquarius.

5. Avoid debating their actions

While Aquarius loves intellectual discussions, they don’t welcome the same kind of debates about their actions and decisions. This is because Aquarians like to think that their words and actions are already carefully deliberated and are the best they can be (considering they see themselves as rational, impartial individuals). Therefore, any arguments on how they do things are often to no avail.

If you have strong feelings about their judgments or behaviour, consider taking a warmer, more gentle approach than you would in an impersonal discussion.

How to Make an Aquarius Fall for You

Aquarians prefer to start relationships with someone they are already close to. To make an Aquarius fall for you, begin by being their friend.

1. Start out as friends

Aquarius date selectively so they are very picky when choosing partners. To become an Aquarius lover, start by earning their trust as friends.

2. Don’t be too emotional

Aquarius can be caring but absolutely won’t tolerate petulance so learn emotional management if you want to get along. This will benefit you tremendously too!

3. Be unique

Aquarius men and women are unique creatures. If you don’t stand out from the crowd in some way, you won’t catch their attention. Don’t be afraid to really let your own quirks shine when around them.

4. Give them space

Aquarius cannot thrive without personal space. If you want to see them succeed and be happy, give them alone time and time with close friends – remember, Aquarius are extremely loyal to friends!

5. Have intellectual discussions

Aquarians love spending time in their imaginative, ideal worlds and discussing topics that might seem impractical to others. Your Aquarius crush will be incredibly impressed if you can engage in mentally stimulating activities and inspire each other.

They are also attracted to partners who have their own passions and interests, as this allows for a relationship built on mutual respect and personal growth.

6. Maintain some distance

Though introverted, Aquarius are very curious and exploratory. By maintaining some mystery and distance, you will spark intense interest and Aquarius’ unique brand of pursuit.

7. Don’t try to control or change Aquarius

Aquarians are constantly evolving and growing on their own initiative. If you try to confine them within social norms or relationship expectations, they will feel suffocated and unappreciated.

To maintain a healthy relationship with an Aquarius, give them the freedom to improve on their own. Subtle, invisible nudges from you can help, but avoid being overtly controlling.

Aquarius Views on Love

1. Start with caution

Aquarians often take a long time to make a move, not because they are shy, but because they carefully consider all possible outcomes. If they see even one potential negative result, their rationality kicks in, making them hesitant to act (why risk making things worse when they could stay the same?).

When an Aquarius decides to pursue you, it’s a sign that they are genuinely interested. They will put in their best effort until it’s clear that the relationship cannot succeed.

2. Freedom and independence above all else

Freedom is crucial for Aquarius because it allows them to defy conventions and be their true selves. Independence is fundamental to how Aquarians live and what they want for their partners. If an Aquarius gives you a lot of alone time, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about you; it means they value your freedom to be yourself.

3. Willingness to compromise for someone they love

Aquarians hold firmly to their beliefs. However, if they truly love and care for someone, they will make an effort to understand their partner’s perspective.

Out of respect for their loved one, an Aquarius will show patience, listen openly, and be willing to find a middle ground. They may even come to adopt some of their partner’s beliefs through thoughtful discussion, not force.

Remember, Aquarius needs time to process and evolve in their own way. If an Aquarius genuinely cares for you, they will gradually open their mind to your influence.

4. Autonomy in love

Aquarians highly value both their own freedom and that of their partners. They believe in leading fulfilled lives outside of their relationship. Aquarians seek partners who are self-assured and confident. If you are coming out of a bad relationship and need someone to give you all their attention, an Aquarius may not be the right fit.

5. Only partially emotionally invested

Aquarians are wary of losing their sense of self in a relationship and see extreme emotionality as irrational. When a relationship is just starting out, Aquarians will only be partially emotionally invested as a self-protection measure in case things go south.

However, once an Aquarius feels certain they have found the right one, their guarded nature will give way to deeper affection and they will become more comfortable opening up emotionally.

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Aquarius Celebrity Examples

Hong Kong Aquarius Male Celeb: Edan Lui (Mirror)

  • Edan’s Birthday: January 21, 1997
Hong Kong Aquarius Male Celeb: Edan Lui (Mirror)
Hong Kong Aquarius Male Celeb: Edan Lui (Mirror)

Edan’s versatile talents and playful personality have skyrocketed his popularity. Aquarius are known for outrageous creativity and quirkiness, so Edan is a quintessential Aquarius guy!

Korean Aquarius Male Celeb: J-Hope (BTS)

  • J-Hope’s Birthday: February 18, 1994
Korean Aquarius Male Celeb: J-Hope (BTS)
Korean Aquarius Male Celeb: J-Hope (BTS) / Photo credit: Bandwagon Asia

BTS member Jimin says J-Hope cares deeply for all BTS members, while RM likens J-Hope to a quiet leader – perfectly matching Aquarius’ loyalty and introverted low-profile nature!

Hollywood Aquarius Female Celeb: Elizabeth Olsen

  • Elizabeth Olsen’s Birthday: February 16, 1989
Hollywood Aquarius Female Celeb: Elizabeth Olsen
Hollywood Aquarius Female Celeb: Elizabeth Olsen

Hollywood actress Elizabeth Olsen, known for her role as Scarlet Witch, is an atheist who believes that religion should not restrict women’s autonomy. She is a low-key person who doesn’t even have an Instagram account; any everyday photos of her are usually posted by friends. Despite her private nature, she often participates in charity activities, embodying the practical and independent spirit of an Aquarius.

Hong Kong Aquarius Female Celeb: Kearen Pang

  • Kearen Pang’s Birthday: February 11, 1975
Hong Kong Aquarius Female Celeb: Kearen Pang
Hong Kong Aquarius Female Celeb: Kearen Pang

After serving as a mentor on “King Maker III,” stage performer, producer, playwright, director, and writer Kearen Pang’s popularity soared. She was nominated for the Berlin Film Festival for her screenplay for the film “Isabella” and won the Best New Director Award for her stage play “29+1.” She is also one of Hong Kong’s Ten Outstanding Young Persons. Her creative talent and capabilities are exceptional, perfectly embodying the intellectual and independent image of an Aquarius woman.

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