About Flow

Flow is a “Platform for Space” that helps urban travellers like you to find a hotel room or workspace to stay for a few hours. We cooperate with high-end hotels and co-working spaces to provide hourly hotel & workspace booking during the day. You can book flexibly from 1 to 12 hours to suit your ad-hoc holiday plan or travel schedule, saving up to 75% off the full-day prices. “Why book for the whole day, if you need it for just a few hours?” Download Flow App now – Book your space, anywhere, anytime.


Hotels and


by the Hour

Why Flow?

Spaces are booked flexibly on an hourly basis

Book Flexibly by Hours

Over 100 high-end hotels and co-working spaces are offering daytime booking from 1 to 12 hours on Flow App. You can save up to 75% off the full-day prices.

Facilities and services are enjoyed as if a full-day customer

Same Services & Facilities

While you book an hourly room, hot desk or meeting room, all the benefits are nocompromised – you’ll have full access to the property’s facilities during your stay.

Bookings are confirmed instantly

Instant confirmation

Pay instantly in Flow App using credit card (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, Apple Pay & Google Pay), PayMe or Octopus Card, and check in as early as next minute. You can book in advance up to 14 days prior to suit your holiday plan and work schedule.


Flow Rewards™ is a new membership programme that offers you exclusive discounts and benefits while you spend. Collect Reward Points on every booking with Flow App to redeem for instant cash discounts.

Our Customers

Amalia's comment on how Flow App has helped during the course of work



As an entrepreneur, working for long hours has become a part of my life and Flow App is a life saver platform that allows me to recharge in between work.

Manuel uses Flow App to book a hourly hotel to take a nap



I work in the banking industry, and I usually work overtime at least 3 times a week, Flow App is a great tool for me to take a siesta in a quality hotel for a few hours.

A business traveller found the platform useful for putting his belonging at the hotel after an exhibition



I travel a lot from China to Hong Kong and I leave on the same day, Flow App allows me to freshen up after a long day at the exhibition, and now I don't have to carry my luggage everywhere.

A staff from the Mainland travels to Hong Kong often for work found daytime hotels convenient



I work closely with the Hong Kong headquarter and mainland vendor which I have to travel to Hong Kong from time to time and i never had the need to stay overnight. Flow App saves me a lot of money by offering the flexible hotel booking, that I can also enjoy the quality hotel's facilities.

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